* LEMACO is a leading engineering and contracting company established in 1990 by Engineer Abdo Sekarieh and his wife, businesswoman Mrs. Jihad Sekarieh. The company primarily handles public sector projects and has recently expanded into the private sector after accumulating decades of experience in the construction business. LEMACO’s core services can be divided into 3 main categories, namely: public and private buildings’ construction; roads, infrastructure and civil works; and water projects and dams’ construction. Today, the company stands as a major player in the public construction industry in Lebanon with a rock-solid reputation for reliability, quality services, international standards and credibility. LEMACO is a-listed by the Lebanese Council of Development and Reconstruction (CDR) and is recognized as an international-standard partner of choice for construction projects of national scale initiated by different Lebanese Ministries, the UN, the USAID, Arab Funds, the European community and key NGOs.

* At the foundation of LEMACO’s success is a strong commitment to quality control, safety plans, and value engineering. In fact, the company’s management is keen on offering cost-effective services of premium quality and delivering on-time projects to earn customers’ trust on the long run. This strategy has earned LEMACO the ISO 9001-2008 Certification related to General Contracting (Civil, Electro-mechanical & Infrastructure) for Buildings, Roads, & Flood Mitigation Reservoirs, and the company remains ISO-compliant till this very day as observed by the frequently visiting auditors. Furthermore, LEMACO is recognized as a true pioneer and innovator. The company constantly seeks to adopt the latest industry trends, certifications, standards and technologies setting the performance bar gradually higher in the market.

* And due to the emerging global energy crisis, LEMACO entered the field of solar energy and its applications due to the need of the global and local market for it.


Lemaco has a vision that tread over the dystopia in Lebanon and the global instability and strives with various scientific, engineering and financial manners to present a conscious and advanced model in the local and international markets.
From here we launched in August 2022 "LEMACO International Ltd." in Cyprus and Greece and it is currently preparing to launch its activities.